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Topics of interest

Hardware for AI
Artificial General Intelligence
Measuring intelligence
Probabilistic programming
AI across scales
ICML/NeurIPS test-of-time awards
Learning world models
Digital companion
Cognitive architectures
Competency-based ML
Value-based ML
Visual dialog systems
Graph reasoning
Fusing RL and PGM
The work of David Mumford
AI for scientific discovery
Scientific text mining
Multimodal learning and reasoning
Selected papers in CoRL
Valiant's work on AI/ML
Connectionism: A review
Recursive thinking
Systematic generalization
AI in the next 20 years
AI/ML for climate change
AI in the 2010s and 2020s
Intelligience priors
Free energy principle
World models
Temporal reasoning
Causal reasonig
Quantum machine learning
Sample efficient learning
Energy eficient AI



Reading Club on Differentiable AI

Time: Thursday, 3-4.5PM
Location: NA1.421 Waurn Ponds Campus & Zoom

21/12/2023: Tentative (Tri Nguyen)
04/12/2023: Tentative (Duy-Hung Tran)
07/12/2023: Tentative (Romero Morais)
30/11/2023: Tentative (Phuoc Nguyen)
23/11/2023: Tentative (Giang Ngo)
16/11/2023: Tentative (Khanh-Toan Nguyen)
09/11/2023: Tentative (Hung Le)
02/11/2023: Tentative (Minh-Hoang Nguyen)
26/10/2023: Tentative (Kha Pham)
19/10/2023: Tentative (Xuan-Tuyen Tran)
12/10/2023: Tentative (Dung Nguyen)
05/10/2023: Tentative (Minh-Thang Nguyen)
28/09/2023: Tentative (Thommen George)
21/09/2023: Sample-efficient GANs for knowledge distillation  (Tri-Nhan Vo)
14/09/2023: Advances in robotics with LLMs (Laknath Semage)
07/09/2023: Adversarial attack on language and vision models (Kien Do)
31/08/2023: Temporal grounding in video (Thao Le)
24/08/2023: -------POSTPONED--------------
17/08/2023: TikTok video duplication detection (Tuan Hoang)
10/08/2023: AI for material science (Tri Nguyen)
03/08/2023: Training and inferencing LLMs (Duy-Hung Tran)
27/07/2023: Fairness in deep learning (Ragja Palakkadavath)
20/07/2023: Active learning + model selection (Romero Morais)
13/07/2023: Root cause analysis (Phuoc Nguyen)
06/07/2023: Robust LLMs (Giang Ngo)
29/06/2023: Causal machine learning (Khanh-Toan Nguyen)
22/06/2023: Limitations of LLMs (Long Dang)
15/06/2023: -------CANCELLED--------------
08/06/2023: Intro to Foundation Models  & some ideas for Science (Truyen Tran)
01/06/2023: Language-guided exploration in RL (Hung Le)
25/05/2023:  Longitudinal healthcare modelling (Nikolaj Holm)
18/05/2023: AI for science (Kha Pham)
11/05/2023: Visual prompting (Xuan-Tuyen Tran)
04/05/2023: Multiagent inverse RL via theory of mind reasoning (Dung Nguyen)
27/04/2023: Physics-informed machine learning 2 (Minh-Thang Nguyen)
20/04/2023: Influencing human behaviours with offline RL (Thommen George)
13/04/2023: -------POSTPONED--------------
06/04/2023: Diffusion probabilistic models: Variational perspective (Kien Do)
30/03/2023: Action transformation (Laknath Semage)
23/03/2023: ChatGPT (Duy-Hung Tran)
16/03/2023: Visual abductive reasoning (Thao Le)
09/03/2023: Generative Flow Networks 2 (Tri Nguyen)
02/03/2023: Continual learning (Tuan Hoang)
23/02/2023: Forward forward networks (Tri-Nhan Vo)
16/02/2023: Video moment retrieval (Hoang-Anh Pham)
09/02/2023: Invariant representations for domain generalization (Ragja Palakkadavath)
02/02/2023: Representation learning for human skeleton (Romero Morais)
26/01/2023:  -------HOLIDAY-------------
19/01/2023: Diffusion models 2 (Phuoc Nguyen)
12/01/2023: Expressiveness of GNNs (Giang Ngo)
05/01/2023: -------HOLIDAY-------------
29/12/2022: -------HOLIDAY-------------
22/12/2022: -------HOLIDAY-------------
15/12/2022: Invariant feature learning via causal inference (Khanh-Toan Nguyen)
08/12/2022: Scene understanding (Long Dang)
01/12/2022: Trust region optimization in RL (Hung Le)
24/11/2022: Abstraction and generalization (Kha Pham)
17/11/2022: Vision Transformer vs CNN (Xuan-Tuyen Tran)
10/11/2022: Theory of mind (cont.) (Dung Nguyen)
03/11/2022: Reward-relational feedback (Thommen George)
27/10/2022: -------POSTPONED--------------
20/10/2022: Out-of-distribution detection (Kien Do)
13/10/2022: Flow Network based Generative Models (Tri Nguyen)
06/10/2022: Task planning with large language models & RL (Laknath Semage)
29/09/2022: Diffusion models 1 (Duy-Hung Tran)
22/09/2022: -------HOLIDAY-------------
15/09/2022: Data encoding for quantum ML 2 (Minh-Thang Nguyen)
08/09/2022: Post-deep learning era (3) (Truyen Tran)
01/09/2022: Post-deep learning era (2) (Truyen Tran)
25/08/2022: Post-deep learning era (1) (Truyen Tran)
18/08/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
11/08/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
04/08/2022: Actor centric in video understanding (Thao Le)
28/07/2022: Causal knowledge for O.O.D generalisation (Romero Morais)
21/07/2022: Unsupervised object-centric segmentation (Hoang-Anh Pham)
14/07/2022: Theory of mind (cont.) (Dung Nguyen)
07/07/2022: (Tutorial) Bayesian neural networks (Phuoc Nguyen)
30/06/2022: (Tutorial) Variational inference & generative models (Hung Le)
23/06/2022: Analogy in AI (Kha Pham)
16/06/2022: Efficient preference based RL (Thommen George)
09/06/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
02/06/2022: Generalist AI (Truyen Tran)
26/05/2022: Deep causal inference (Kien Do)
19/05/2022: Tokenisation (Vuong Le)
12/05/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
05/05/2022: Knowledge graph - augmented language model (Tri Nguyen)
28/04/2022: Self-design of physical agents or environment (Laknath Semage)
21/04/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
14/04/2022: Physical reasoning of events in videos (Thao Le)
07/04/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
31/03/2022: Fine-grained motion understanding (Romero Morais)
24/03/2022: Few-shot action recognition (Hoang-Anh Pham)
17/03/2022: Data encoding for quantum ML (Minh-Thang Nguyen)
10/03/2022: Causal Inference for domain adaptation (Duy-Hung Tran)
03/03/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
24/02/2022: Theory of mind for ccommunication and cooperation (cont.) (Dung Nguyen)
17/02/2022: Unsupervised learning of health data (Duc Nguyen)
10/02/2022: Differentiable Bayesian structure learning (Phuoc Nguyen)
03/02/2022: Hyperparameter scheduling (Hung Le)
27/01/2022: Human-in-the-loop reinforcement learning (Thommen George)
20/01/2022: Physics-informed ML (Truyen Tran)
13/01/2022: -------CANCELLED--------------
06/01/2022: -------HOLIDAY--------------
30/12/2021: -------HOLIDAY--------------
23/12/2021: -------HOLIDAY--------------
16/12/2021: Unbiased scene graph generation (Long Dang)
09/12/2021: Certified robustness via randomized smoothing (Kien Do)
02/12/2021: Systematic generalization (Kha Pham)
25/11/2021: Drug discovery using knowledge graph (Tri Nguyen)
18/11/2021: Neural causal inference (Vuong Le)
11/11/2021: Domain adaptation in RL (Laknath Semage)
04/11/2021: Contrastive learning (Yi Yang)
28/10/2021: Causal computer vision (Romero Morais)
21/10/2021: Out-of-distribution generalisation in VQA (Thao Le)
14/10/2021: Intro to quantum machine learning (Hoang-Anh Pham)
07/10/2021: Regime-switching models (Duy-Hung Tran)
30/09/2021: Theory of mind (cont.) (Dung Nguyen)
23/09/2021: Modeling medical records (Duc Nguyen)
16/09/2021: Equivariance learning (Phuoc Nguyen)
09/09/2021: Meta-RL (Hung Le)
02/09/2021: Unsupervised object-centric representation (Long Dang)
26/08/2021: -------CANCELLED. Self-study materials + recording --------------
19/08/2021: Generative memory (Kha Pham)
12/08/2021: Counter-attacking Trojans (Kien Do)
05/08/2021: -------CANCELLED--------------
29/07/2021: Smal motions (Binh Nguyen)
22/07/2021: Multimodal learning for Video QA (Long Dang)
15/07/2021: Cold-start learning in RecSys (Tri Nguyen)
08/07/2021: Causal inference in CV (Vuong Le)
01/07/2021: Neural tangent kernels (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
24/06/2021: Sim2real and model-based RL (Laknath Semage)
17/06/2021: Commonsense reasoning in CV 2 (Romero Morais)
10/06/2021: Video dialog (Hoang-Anh Pham)
03/06/2021: Unsupervised VQA (Thao Le)
27/05/2021: Unsupervised skill discovery (Yi Yang)
20/05/2021: Egocentric action modeling (Duy-Hung Tran)
13/05/2021: Theory of mind (cont.) (Dung Nguyen)
06/05/2021: Self-supervised learning in video (Duc Nguyen)
29/04/2021: Bayesian hyper-model compression (Phuoc Nguyen)
21/04/2021: Efficient transformers (Hung Le)
15/04/2021: AI until 2040 -- AAAI 2019 report (Truyen Tran)
08/04/2021: -------CANCELLED--------------
01/04/2021: Karneva++ (Kha Pham)
25/03/2021: Contrastive clustering (Kien Do)
18/03/2021: Unsupervised learning of graphs (Binh Nguyen)
11/03/2021: Object-centric neural networks (Long Dang)
04/03/2021: Interpreting graph models  (Tri Nguyen)
25/02/2021: Unsupervised relational learning (Vuong Le)
18/02/2020: Object-centric RL (Laknath Semage)
11/02/2021: Commonsense reasoning in CV (Romero Morais)
01/02/2021: Urban robotics (Ha Q. Ngo, IfU, RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
28/01/2021: Scaling laws in neural nets (Hoang-Anh Pham)
21/01/2020: -------CANCELLED--------------
14/01/2020: Contrastive learning in VQA (Thao Le)
07/01/2021: You and your research - Richard Hamming (Truyen Tran)
31/12/2020: -------HOLIDAY--------------
24/12/2020: -------HOLIDAY--------------
17/12/2020: Soft actor-critic method in RL (Yi Yang)
10/12/2020: Deep learning 2.0 - Intro (Truyen Tran)
03/12/2020: Unsupervised learning in video (Duy-Hung Tran)
26/11/2020: Theory of mind for human-AI collaboration (Dung Nguyen)
19/11/2020: Models for sparse, irregular events (Duc Nguyen)
12/11/2020: Model compression (Phuoc Nguyen)
05/11/2020: Episodic memory in RL (Hung Le)
29/10/2020: Deep Learning 1.0 part B (Truyen Tran)
22/10/2020: Deep Learning 1.0 part A (Truyen Tran)
15/10/2020: Generative models (Kha Pham)
08/10/2020: Unsupervised representation learning for images (Kien Do)
01/10/2020: Representation learning on temporal graphs (Binh Nguyen)
24/09/2020: Unsupervised discovery in vision (Vuong Le)
17/09/2020: Logic loss for visual question answering (Cat Le)
10/09/2020: Drug-protein binding (Tri Nguyen)
03/09/2020: Object-centric reasoning (Long Dang)
27/08/2020: Human-object interaction (Romero Morais)
20/08/2020: Theoretical advances in DGMs (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
13/08/2020: Visual reasoning 4 (Thao Minh Le)
06/08/2020: Contrastive, self-supervised learning (Duy-Hung Tran)
30/07/2020: Theory-of-mind and graphs for MARL (Dung Nguyen)
23/07/2020: Irregular timing in time-series (Duc Nguyen)
16/07/2020: Learning to transform (Phuoc Nguyen)
09/07/2020: Robust machine learning (Daniel Ma, SIT)
02/07/2020: Physics-guided ML, physics reasoning (Laknath Semage)
25/06/2020: Program memories (Hung Le)
18/06/2020: Generative memory: Karneva machines (Kha Pham)
11/06/2020: AI in the Covid-19 pandemic (Truyen Tran)
04/06/2020: Machine learning in industry (Trong Nguyen & Ky Le)
28/05/2020: Graph conv net and dynamics (Binh Nguyen)
21/05/2020: Semi-supervised learning + NIPS work (Kien Do)
14/05/2020: Disentangling human behaviours in video (Vuong Le)
07/05/2020: Hierarchical modeling of human trajectories in videos (Romero Morais)
30/04/2020: Minimum description length for Deep Generative Models (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
23/04/2020: Visual reasoning 3 (Thao Minh Le); BMVC talk (Romero Morais)
16/04/2020: Machine reasoning @A2I2, part 2 (Truyen Tran)
09/04/2020: Machine reasoning @A2I2, part 1 (Truyen Tran)
02/04/2020: Protein structure prediction via deep learning (Tri Nguyen)
26/03/2020: BERT for video (Long Dang)
19/03/2020: Human trajectory prediction (Hung Tran)
12/03/2020: Theory of mind for better teaching (Dung Nguyen); ICPR talks (Duc Nguyen)
05/03/2020: RL and Optimal Transport Theory (Tang-Thanh Nguyen)
27/02/2020: Unsupervised learning in time-series (Duc Nguyen)
20/02/2020: Learning to explore (Phuoc Nguyen)
13/02/2020: Updates on memory (Hung Le)
06/02/2020: BERT family (Tin Pham)
30/01/2020: ICML'20 work (Hung Le)
23/01/2020: Domain adaptation (Kien Do)
16/01/2020: IJCAI'20 works (Phuoc, Dung, Thao)
09/01/2020: Meta-learning 3 cont. (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
02/01/2020: -------HOLIDAY--------------
26/12/2019: -------HOLIDAY--------------
19/12/2019: Meta-learning 3 (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
12/12/2019: Updates on planning (Laknath Semage)
05/12/2019: Model-based RL (Thommen George)
28/11/2019: Modern AI for drug discovery (Truyen Tran)
21/11/2019: Anomaly detection: Sequences (Duc Nguyen)
14/11/2019: Anomaly detection: Vector & Deep clustering (Duc Nguyen)
31/10/2019: Inverse RL in vision (Vuong Le)
24/10/2019: Moral AI 1 (Dung Nguyen)
17/10/2019: Visual reasoning 2 (Thao Minh Le)
10/10/2019: Hypernets and variational hyper RNN (Phuoc Nguyen)
03/10/2019: Actions prediction (Romero Morais) 
26/09/2019: Clinical QA (Tin Pham)
19/09/2019: Semantic memory (Hung Le)
12/09/2019: Geometric inference (Cat Le)
29/08/2019: AAAI'20 works (Cat,  Dung, Thao, Phuoc)
22/08/2019: Empirical AI research 3 (Truyen Tran)
15/08/2019: Human priors in video games (Thommen George)
08/08/2019: Spatio-temporal generative models (Duc Nguyen)
01/08/2019: Disentanglement for video 2 (Kien Do)
25/07/2019: Disentanglement for video 1 (Kien Do)
18/07/2019: CVPR'19 notes (Vuong Le)
11/07/2019: Theoretical DL series 1 (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
04/07/2019: Value-aligned ML 1 (Khanh Tran)
27/06/2019: Empirical AI research 2 (Truyen Tran)
20/06/2019: Memory-supported RL (Dat Nguyen)
13/06/2019: Theory of mind 2 (Dung Nguyen)
06/06/2019: Video QA (Thao Minh Le)
30/05/2019: Empirical AI research 1 (Truyen Tran)
16/05/2019: VAE for exploration (Phuoc Nguyen); NIPS19 works.
09/05/2019: Models for human behaviours in video (Romero Morais)
02/05/2019: Neural-symbolic approach to QA 2 (Tin Pham)
26/04/2019: Neural-symbolic approach to QA 1 (Tin Pham)
17/04/2019: Conversational AI 1 (Van-Khanh Tran)
11/04/2019: Disentanglement 2 (Kien Do)
05/04/2019: ODE neural nets 2 (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
28/03/2019: Neuron, RNN & memory (Hung Le)
21/03/2019: Learning to reason 1 (Truyen Tran)
14/03/2019: ICCV work: Video QA (Thao Minh Le); Deep learning in smart-homes (Duc Nguyen)
08/03/2019: Machine learning in materials science (Duong-Nguyen Nguyen, JAIST Japan)
01/03/2019: AI for matters (Truyen Tran)
22/02/2019: Memory-augmented RL 2 (Dat Nguyen)
15/02/2019: Machine theory of mind (Dung Nguyen)
11/01/2019: Continual learning in GAN & One big net for everything (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
04/01/2019: -------HOLIDAY--------------
28/12/2018: -------HOLIDAY--------------
21/12/2018: AI/ML in 2019 and beyond: Planning session 2 (Truyen Tran)
14/12/2018: AI/ML in 2019 and beyond: Planning session 1 (Truyen Tran)
30/11/2018: Video QA (Thao Minh Le)
23/11/2018: Communication in Multiagent RL (Dung Nguyen)
16/11/2018: AI/ML in 2019 and beyond: Outlook (Truyen Tran)
09/11/2018: CVPR work (Romero Barata); AI/ML in 2018:  Topics & reviewing  (Truyen Tran)
02/11/2018: DL for source code modeling (Huong Ha)
26/10/2018: Memory-augmented RL 1 (Dat Nguyen)
19/10/2018: Visual reasoning 2: modularity (Tin Pham)
12/10/2018: Disentanglement via VAE (Kien Do)
05/10/2018: Spatio-temporal scene graphs (Vuong Le)
21/09/2018: ICLR works: MANN (Hung Le), GAN (Hoang Thanh-Tung) & Graphs (Kien Do)
14/09/2018: Graphs apps: Genomics (Thin Nguyen), social media (Hung Nguyen)
07/09/2018: Advances in Neural Turing Machines (Truyen Tran)
31/08/2018: Universal transformer  (Adham Beykikhoshk)
24/08/2018: Learning to count  (Tin Pham)
17/08/2018: Email attachment recommendation (Binh Nguyen)
10/08/2018: Variational continual learning (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
03/08/2018: RNN, memory & attention (cont.) (Hung Le)
27/07/2018: Meta-learning 2 (Truyen Tran)
20/07/2018: Deep reinforcement learning (Phuoc Nguyen)
13/07/2018: Variational autoencoders (Budhaditya Saha)
06/07/2018: Video prediction models (Romero Morais)
29/06/2018: Graph neural nets + RL (Kien Do)
22/06/2018: Relational reasoning (Tin Pham)
15/06/2018: RNN, memory & attention (Hung Le)
08/06/2018: Deep generative models (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
01/06/2018: Deep learning for health & drug design (Truyen Tran)
18/05/2018: Scene graphs (Vuong Le)
11/05/2018: AI for science 1 (Truyen Tran)
04/05/2018: Variational encoder-decoders (Hung Le)
27/04/2018: Visual reasoning 1 (Romero Barata)
20/04/2018: Machine reasoning 1 (Kien Do)
13/04/2018: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 1 (Truyen Tran)
06/04/2018: GAN 2 (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
23/03/2018: Graph generative models 2 (Kien Do)
16/03/2018: Graph generative models 1 (Kien Do)
09/03/2018: The future of deep learning 4: near/medium-term (Truyen Tran)
02/03/2018: The future of deep learning 3: near/medium-term (Truyen Tran)
23/02/2018: The future of deep learning 2: near/medium-term (Truyen Tran)
09/02/2018: Graph modeling 2: Molecular models (Trang Pham)
02/02/2018: RNN (Hung Le)
19/01/2018: The future of deep learning 1: long-term (Truyen Tran)
12/01/2018: -------HOLIDAY--------------
05/12/2017: -------HOLIDAY--------------
29/12/2017: -------HOLIDAY--------------
22/12/2017: -------HOLIDAY--------------
15/12/2017: -------HOLIDAY--------------
08/12/2017: -------HOLIDAY--------------
01/12/2017: Deep learning for biomedicine 1 (Truyen Tran)
24/11/2017: Bayesian deep learning (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
10/11/2017: Action recognition on video (Vuong Le)
03/11/2017: Capsules (Trang Pham)
27/10/2017: AAAI'18 reviews review (Truyen Tran)
20/10/2017: Text + knowledge graphs for question answering (Kien Do)
13/10/2017: Learning intuitive physics from video (Truyen Tran)
29/09/2017: Object detection (Budhaditya Saha)
22/09/2017: MANN 2  (Hung Le)
15/09/2017: GAN 1  (Hoang Thanh-Tung)
08/09/2017: IJCAI-17 key papers (Kien Do, Trang Pham & Phuoc Nguyen)
01/09/2017: ICML-17 review & key papers (Truyen Tran)
04/08/2017: Meta-learning 1 (Truyen Tran)
28/07/2017: Attention mechanisms (Trang Pham)
21/07/2017: Graph modeling 1  (Kien Do)
14/07/2017: Memory-augmented neural nets (MANN) 1 (Phuoc Nguyen)