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Truyen Tran (Trần Thế Truyền)

Associate Professor, Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) & School of IT, Deakin University.

75 Pigdons Rd, Waurn Ponds, Vic 3216, Australia
truyen.tran {__AT__} deakin.edu.au

Research thrusts

  • (09/2019) I will speak at VietAI Summit, HCM City Nov 2019.
  • (07/2019) I will give a keynote talk at NICS, Hanoi Dec 2019.
  • (06/2019) PhD scholarships available for late 2019 intake. Areas: deep learning, machine reasoning, reinforcement learning, Bayesian optimization.
  • (06/2019) I gave an invited talk at Genomic Medicine, Hanoi June 2019.
  • (06/2019) I gave an invited talk at VinAI's AI Day, Hanoi June 2019.
  • (05/2019) I gave an invited talk on Empirical AI Research at International University, HCM City, May 2019.
  • (04/2019) I will speak at Southeast Asia Machine Learning (SEA ML) School in July 2019. Hope to see you in Depok, Greater Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • (02/2019) I will give a keynote speech at MAPR in HCM City, Vietnam in May. The topic will be about representation learning of graphs.
  • (01/2019) I gave a talk on "AI for matters" at Phenikaa University, Hanoi, VN.
  • (01/2019) I gave a talk on "Deep learning for biomedicine: Genomics and drug design" at Vin's Big Data Insitute, Hanoi, VN.
  • (01/2019) TechXplore covers the upcoming ICSE'19 paper on AI for agile project management.
  • (11/2018) A postdoc wanted to work on Deep Learning and Beyond. Requirements: PhD + proven track record in machine learning and related areas.
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Professional services (recent)
  • TPC Member, AAAI'20
  • TPC Member, ICLR'20
  • TPC Member, NeurIPS'19
  • AC Member, ACML'19
  • TPC Member, IJCAI'19
  • TPC Member, ICML'19
  • TPC Member, ICLR'19
  • TPC Member, NeurIPS'18
  • AC Member, ACML'18
  • TPC Member, ICML'18
  • TPC Member, IJCAI'18
  • TPC Member, ICLR'18
  • TPC Member, AAAI'18
  • Program Co-Chair, CSBio'17
  • TPC Member, NIPS'17
  • AC Member, ACML'17
  • TPC Member, ICML'17
  • TPC Member, IJCAI'17