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Truyen Tran (Trần Thế Truyền)
Associate Professor, Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2), Deakin University.

75 Pigdons Rd, Waurn Ponds, Vic 3216, Australia
truyen.tran {__AT__} deakin.edu.au

Research thrusts

Deep learning 2.0
» Cognitive architectures
» Learning to reason
» Graphs & relation
Machine learning for biomedicine
» Drug design
» Structure of care
» Bioinformatics

» COVID-19
Machine learning for a better world
» Computational chemistry
» Automated software engineering
» Anomaly detection

» 08/2020: I have created a Covid-19 response page.
» 08/2020: I gave a research talk at Monash University on machine reasoning.
» 05/2020: I will talk at the Webminar organized by Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ), on the role of AI to combat Covid-19.
» 04/2020: PhD scholarships available for late 2020 intake. Areas: Deep learning 2.0, machine reasoning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and ML for biomedicine.
» 12/2019: I will deliver a public lecture at Swinburne Vietnam on AI for tackling climate change, Hanoi, Dec 2019.
» 09/2019: I will speak at VietAI Summit on AI for Drug Discovery, HCM City Nov 2019.

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Professional services (recent)
TPC Member AAAI'21
TPC Member, ICLR'21
TPC Member, NeurIPS'20
TPC Member, ECCV'20
TPC Member, ICML'20
TPC Member, AAAI'20
TPC Member, ICLR'20
TPC Member, NeurIPS'19
Area Chair, ACML'19
TPC Member, IJCAI'19
TPC Member, ICML'19
TPC Member, ICLR'19

Grants (~$11M)
» Optimising treatments in mental health using AI ($5M), MRFF AI in Health, 2021-2026.
» Defence applied AI experiential CoLab ($1M annual), Australian Department of Defence, 2020-ongoing.
» ARC research hub for digital enhanced living, ($3M), ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs, 2018–2022.
» Telstra centre of excellence in big data and machine learning ($1.6M), Telstra, 2016–2020.
» Advanced data analytics for care management of chronic disease, ($760K), Barwon Health, 2013-2017.
» Improving cancer care ($200K), Western Alliance, 2016-2017.
» Accuracy of machine scoring of fidgety movements from high risk infant populations ($134K), Cerebral Palsy Alliance, 2016–2017.
» Predicting hazardous software components using deep learning, ($100K), Samsung GRO, 2016–2017.

Talks/TutorialsTalks/Tutorials | On Slideshare

Machine reasoning, @Monash University, August 2020.
AI in Covid-19 pandemic, @VANJ Webminar, May 2020.(Vietnamese version).
Machine reasoning at A2I2, @A2I2 reading group, April 2020.
Machines that learn to talk about what they see, Keynote at NICS'19, Hanoi, Vietnam, Dec 2019.
Climate change: Challenges and AI-driven solutions, @Swinburne Vietnam, Hanoi,  Vietnam, Dec 2019.
Modern AI for drug discovery, VietAI Summit, Nov 2019.
Deep learning for biomedicine, Lecture at Southeast Asia Machine Learning (SEA ML) School, Depok, Greater Jakarta, Indonesia, July 2019.
Deep learning for genomics: Present and future, Genomic Medicine 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam, June 2019.
Memory advances in Neural Turing Machines, AI Day, Hanoi, Vietnam, June 2019.
Empirical AI Research , @International University, HCM City, Vietnam, May 2019.
Representation learning on graphs, Keynote at MAPR, HCM City, Vietnam, May 2019.
AI that/for matters, @Phenikaa University, Hanoi, Vietnam, Jan 2019.
Deep learning for biomedicine: Genomics and Drug design, @Institute of Big Data, Hanoi, Vietnam, Jan 2019.
Advances in Neural Turing Machines, @CafeDSLUniversity of Wollongong, Aug 2018.
Deep learning for episodic interventional data, ISCB-ACS 2018, Melbourne, Aug 2018.
Deep learning for astronomy at Harley Wood School for Astronomy, Ballarat, Australia, June 2018.
Deep learning for biomedical discovery and data mining, Tutorial at PAKDD'18, Melbourne, Australia.
Deep learning for biomedicine, Tutorial at ACML'17, Seoul, Korea.
Deep neural nets for healthcare, @Amazon Seattle, Feb 2017.
Deep learning for detecting anomalies and software vulnerabilities, @Academy of Cryptography Techniques, Hanoi, Vietnam, Jan 2017.
Deep architecture engineering, @Hanoi Uni of Sci and Tech (HUST); and NU Uni of Eng and Tech (VNU-UET), Jan 2017
Deep learning, @WEHI, Melbourne, Dec 2016.
Deep learning tutorials at AusDM'16 in Canberra, AI'16 in Hobart.
Deep learning for non-cognitive domains, @DSL, University of Wollongong, Aug 2016.